INFORMATION FOR BRIDES AND GROOMS concluding a concordat marriage in the rector churches of



  1. Bride and groom at least 3 months before the planned wedding, report to the rector church, which they chose as the wedding venue, to get permission of the Rector and set a date for the wedding. The date of the wedding depends on the expiry date of the Certificate of the Civil Registry Office; the last day of validity is noted in the certificate.
  2. Bride and groom arrange basic prenuptial formalities in the parish of residence:
  • declaration of unmarried status,
  • banns of marriage, marriage preparation course,
  • a certificate from the Civil Registry Office about the lack of circumstances excluding marriage.

After settling all the formalities the vicar prepares the so-called license, addressed to the St. John’s Archcathedral in Warsaw.

  1. In the week before the wedding, at the latest on Wednesday, bride and groom, together with two witnesses, both of age (over 18 years of age, identity documents), appear in person at the office of the Archdiocese parish, Kanonia Street no. 6, open 10 a.m.-12 a.m. and 4 a.m.-6 p.m. They present: the license from the parish with the enclosed three copies of a marriage certificate from the Civil Registry Office. After taking down the certificate of concluding church marriage, the bride and groom get so called registry wedding card. They shall also determine whether they will collect the certificate of concordat marriage in the office of the Metropolitan Archcathedral in the week after the wedding, or whether they want to receive it by mail. They should carry the registry wedding card immediately to the church where the wedding will take place and there they arrange other matters related to marriage.